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  • "Parents and what they do at home has a powerful effect."

Colyton Caterpillars is a fully inclusive environment where children's needs are nurtured and fulfilled. Where ALL children aged 0-12 years can let their imagination run wild, become independent, excited and motivated to learn. We are a group at the centre of our community, and our aim is to make everyone welcome. A place where families and carers are encouraged to be involved in all areas of their children's experience and learning outcomes.


  • " We all have a role to play in children learning."






Early Years Foundation Stage

  • Within our Early Years Foundation Stage, we encourage all our children to feel valued and know that their individual views count. They learn to talk about their feelings, and those of other children. We give children opportunities to develop inquiring minds, where their questions are valued.


    We, as a staff team, help children to model what is right and wrong in line with their ages and stages of development. We encourage children by raising their self esteem and thus increasing their confidence in their own abilities.


    We embrace our whole community, and value the wider world, by valuing views, faiths, cultures and races. We promote diversity through the conversations we have, and by providing a sense of belonging.



Your local Health Visitors can help with:

  • • Essential Health Promotions on Healthy Eating
  • • Dental Care and registration at a dentist
  • •Accident Prevention
  • • Toilet Training
  • • Contact numbers are Seaton 01297 626141 or Axminster 01297 630110






Polar Bear Group

As from January we are turning part of our provision into a Communication and Language nurture unit.


The group will be called ‘Polar Bears’ and everyday there will be a huge input of communication and language expanding their vocabulary, working on listening skills and starting to encourage expressive language.


  • We will plan to meet the child’s needs, perhaps through adjusting styles of interaction, introducing new experiences, changing routines and adapting environment. Share insights with parents, enabling us to work together and working with other professionals.


  • Staff will attend lots of training related to this specific area.



polar bear


Creepy Crawlies Toddler Group

Creepy Crawlies Poster PDF