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Please contact us for current availability. Bookings are now being taken for August/September 2014.


  • "Parents and what they do at home has a powerful effect."

Colyton Caterpillars is a fully inclusive environment where children's needs are nurtured and fulfilled. Where ALL children aged 2 years to 11 years can let their imagination run wild, become independent, excited and motivated to learn. We are a group at the centre of our community, and our aim is to make everyone welcome. A place where families and carers are encouraged to be involved in all areas of their children's experience and learning outcomes.


  • " We all have a role to play in children learning."


Our Key Messages

  • Allow children sufficient time to play and explore with materials before using them in planned activities
  • Establish enabling conditioning for learning
  • Develop a learning culture which focuses on how and not just what we are learning
  • Model being a thinker.

  • About Us

    When Caterpillars was formed in 2004 within the Church grounds in Colyton, we set out with a clear vision and philosophy for our setting which is still present today. We want every child to grow as individuals, develop and explore their own ideas, express their opinions, learn through lots of play opportunities.


We follow the EYFS curriculum and the principals of every child matters.





  • "Parents are the first and most enduring educators in a child's life."

"Children are born ready, able and eager to learn. They actively reach out to interact with other people, and the world around them."


Development is not an automatic process, however it it depends on each unique child having opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments"


EYFS 2012


New Premises

We have moved to our new building within the Reece Strawbridge Centre. This allows us to increase our provision and offer lots of exciting opportunities for children 2-11 years olds within the community.


All our staff are highly motivated and expand their knowledge in child care through continuous training. We offer a choice of sessions over 5 days per week including our Lunch club. We also offer a shorter session for the younger two year olds to help them with the transition from Parent & Toddler to Pre-school. We also hold on Tuesday morning from 9:00am to 11:00am (term-time) our "Creepie Crawlies Toddler Group" where you are invited to our new parent/carer and baby & toddler group which is an informal group with an emphasis on talking, chatting & babbling! This includes good old fashioned afternoon tea and Cost £1.50 to include nice coffee and cake per family for each session.


Provision for your Child

  • "Parents are the first and most enduring educators in a child's life."

Our play worker will oversee a lot of this provision and will be available at all times to chat about any concern you may have.


The basis of the planning will be based around the 5 outcomes of Every Child Matters:


  • • Be Healthy
  • • Enjoy & Achieve
  • • Stay Safe
  • • Make a Positive Contribution
  • • Achieve Economic Well-being
  • • Parents are always welcome to contribute ideas or offers of help.


We will ensure that your child is taken or collected from school either by taxi or walking bus, please contact us for further details.


Children can be collected from Colyton Primary School and safely walked back to Caterpillars for the after school club.