Colyton Caterpillars


When you join our nursery we are here to support the whole family, parents are so important in their child’s learning journey that we involve them every step of the way.


A normal day will look like this:


8am to 9am - Breakfast club
9am to 11.30am - Morning activities
11.30pm to 12.30pm - Lunch time
12.30pm to 3pm - Afternoon activates
3pm to 6pm - Afterschool Club


Breakfast Club, After School Club and Walking Bus Provision

Colyton Caterpillars Early Education provides a breakfast club and after school club provision for children between the ages of 5-11 years of age.


The breakfast club provision runs from 8am-9am and can provided a healthy breakfast for your child before they attend our local school. Two members of staff walk your child to school on our walking bus and deliver them safely ready to start their day.


Our after school provision starts with the collection, via our walking bus, of your child from our local school, or they can be dropped off to us for after school care until 6pm.


Children are then given a healthy snack and drink and have varied opportunities to play, read, paint, draw or just relax before being collected.


In the summer months we visit the park most evenings and have a picnic style snack to allow the children some fresh air and exercise after being in a classroom environment most of the day.


As part of our provision we have nature groups.


Everyday there will be a huge input of communication and language expanding their vocabulary, working on listening skills and starting to encourage expressive language.


  • • We will plan to meet the child’s needs, perhaps through adjusting styles of interaction, introducing new experiences, changing routines and adapting environment. Share insights with parents, enabling us to work together and working with other professionals.
  • • Staff will attend lots of training related to this specific area.


Group Reading


Physical Activities and Development

Physical Activities and Development


Physical Activities and Development




Music seeds

Leah Stonex, from Devon based Music Seeds, is a mum of two young children, and a qualified primary school teacher specialising in music


Leah visits the nursery weekly and introduces the children to music in a fun yet purposeful manner. She provides us with a range of music classes tailor-made for children, babies and toddlers.


Leah has an important role in offering children at the nursery an introduction to music through singing, rhythm making, listening and movement. Her sessions support all areas of learning and development and are fun and engaging for all children that take part.



Ofsted quoted


“children have a broad range of opportunities and experiences that are full, exciting and interesting. For example, they attend Yoga sessions to explore their bodies and learn how to relax through breathing techniques.”

We think;

“children derive enormous benefits from Yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, co-ordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves”